Friday, August 29, 2008

Digitel Bida Internet Sucks!

i am having intermittent connections for almost one month now. i have called their csr (Aug 16)to tell them about the problem... but after a week of waiting (i'm only at home during weekends, that's why) im still experiencing bad connection. i tried calling the csr again for the second weekend but i cannot get through their phone lines. The next saturday(Aug 23), i got the chance to finally get through their lines and the csr told me that something has been reset in the server and the connection should be ok now. but contrary to that, im still experiencing choppy connections. i asked them to create a related report for me requesting something from their technical department should come to our place to check if something is wrong wirth the connection. they said that someone would respond within that day(Aug 23), or if not, up to Sunday. Again, i waited patiently but none came in to response of my technicalities.Now(Aug 30), i called them again because i am experiencing the same problems... damn them!they should do something with my problem. To those planning to to get a subscription to Digitel should think twice. because the suck! Bigtime!

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