Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charice to do a duet with Celine Dion on Madison Square Garden next Week

This is from the September 09 episode of Oprah. Charice sang "My Heart Will Go On" with David Foster Playing the piano. after a commercial break, a special homeviewer was called in by Oprah. and, to Charice's surprise, Celine appeared in the monitor.

Here's the transript of Celine's Message to Charice:

"Hi Sweetheart, I have to tell you that I am speechless, to start with, and it's not a good way to start . I have, uhm, heard you sing. I have seen some of your, a little bit of your life story and I am extremely ecstatic like the rest of the world who is watching right now. I can tell you that we have lots of things in common and I also had a mother, still have a mother who is my strength. My passion I carry in my heart and saw my beauty. And David Foster, you cannot even think about finding somebody even better than that to bring the best out of you. You have more challenge than most people. You can sing, ay, you can speak and sing with you heart, you can play guitar, you can draw and you can have dreams because your life story is quite a painful one. Thank god your strength comes from your mother. And your heart will go on and I'm prretty sure of that. And if I may, I would love to, uhm, I would love to propose something, I would love to do something very special with you. Next week, I'm gonna be singing at Madison Square and i would love to ask you to come and sing a duet with me and we can sing together. And maybe we can sing because you love me. and maybe we can dedicate this song to your mother. so i hope you can travel and come to NY and meet with me"

So there you go, Charice is invited to sing with Celine on Madison Square Garden next week.

Here's the youtube videos:

Part 1
Part 2

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